Our Pet Bakery in Chicago turns two years of creating fun pet friendly snacks

Our Pet Bakery in Chicago turns two years of creating fun pet friendly snacks

It has been 2 years since I decided to quit my culinary job and focus full time on my pet bakery business and I can’t lie, it has also been a journey of many challenges and most importantly: meeting the cutest pet-friends ever.

When I started COSMICOS, I noticed there weren’t many options for pets (cats and dogs) to enjoy a colorful celebration with yummy treats, so that’s how the idea started to make sense to me: I needed to create a brand that offered healthy, yummy but also fun bakery items for pets all over Chicago.

The journey has been a ride of emotions and valuable learnings. Now, looking back, I feel that the effort was worth it. I want to share with you the Milestones that have kept me motivated to continue pursuing my lifelong dream.

  1. Receiving orders from all around USA: from LA, Florida, NYC, Minnesota, Texas, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Pennsylvania and even Hawaii! THANK YOU so much for this!
  2. Redesigning my website as a way to offer my clients a new shopping experience and getting to know my products.

To celebrate two years of creating Goodies for Furry Friends, I hosted a pet-friendly party (obviously) at Fetch Club Chicago.

I couldn’t miss the cake, so I created one for the hooman guests and one for my four-legged friends. I loved watching them all enjoy my baked creations. 

I also invited my friends from Pet Massage Plus so they could offer free pet massages to all my treat-loving doggies.

Art couldn’t be missed so I also invited Color Pop to make some custom art pieces for my guests.

And for the main attraction I asked Paola Duarte to capture some of the funniest moments with my dog friends, I love them so much. Here’s two videos that captured the celebration at its fullest: 

@cosmicos.petbakery The most fun part of having a pet bakery is that I get to make more furry friends and have a blast with them. 🥰 These photos show just how happy it makes me to create delicious snacks and build a brand like Cosmicos. Two years might sound easy, but it’s been a journey full of challenges and bittersweet moments.💜💜💜 #localbusiness #chicagobusiness #womanownedbusiness ♬ original sound - DJ Dviious


Overall starting my own business has been the greatest challenge and I’m so thankful for all the people I’ve met along the way! I can’t thank you enough for being supportive to COSMICOS and always being there for every launch, celebration and special day, it means so much to me!

Thanks for these two years of COSMICOS Pet Bakery!

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