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Be My Valentine Cookie


Barkuterie board be steal my heart and taste buds!!!! Everything is soooooo yummmy!!!! Your aunties cheese and meat board has nothing on this baby!!!! This is a masterpiece and is the perfect gift for my sweet dog and friends dog. I love it!!! Thank you!!!! Perfect for my Superbark party

Absolutely love it! The cookies are adorable with the messages and designs. Also I really like that the cookies have a soft texture and not super hard. I’m all about dehydrated single ingredient treats for my pup and he loves everything!


Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, and the quality is great! We love Cosmicos!


What a great idea for the season! These adorable Grinch cookies are such a great change from traditional holiday cookies, and we always love the pairing with the dehydrated treats 💚

Advent Calendar
Jill and Chase
The best holiday treat!

Who doesn’t want an advent calendar for their dog?! He loves these treats and it’s so much fun to open a new each day! And they’re not just a yummy treat… the decoration and attention to detail for each cookie is beyond adorable! He waits for opening the door each day!

Great for training!

We LOVE these mini flower cookies! Not only are they tasty but they are also great for training because it’s easy to break apart the ‘petals’ for a reward 🥰

Advent Calendar
Jessica L

Absolutely adorable Advent calendar for my dogs! They love the little treats behind each window 😍

Advent Calendar
Julia Lee
Love this!

I love this calendar for my dog! He loves the cookies, the designs are so cute and the cookies aren’t hard like a rock. Every night he runs when he sees me grab the box.

Absolutely delightful!

I recently ordered a birthday cake for my Sweet Maltipoo from Cosmico’s Pet Bakery. THe experience was exceptional, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

The cake was scrumptious, (yes, I tasted it!). Kimberly put a great deal of care and attention into crafting the perfect treat. Leo Henry was licking his chops in sheer delight. It's safe to say that this cake was a hit with my pup and definitely contributed to his overall birthday joy!

Leo loved his cake & it was a true work of art. The intricate detailing and decoration showcased Kimberly’s talent and creativity! She takes great pride in her work and every element was meticulously designed and flawlessly executed. The cake was a beautiful masterpiece that truly captured the essence of the occasion.

One of the features of my experience was the cake's longevity. With a cake that was more than enough for Leo Henry’s birthday celebration, I was able to freeze a portion of it for later use. This allowed us to continue celebrating his milestone birthday over the course of several months. The cake retained its freshness and taste even after being frozen, making every subsequent slice just as delightful as the first.

The customer service provided by Cosmico’s Pet Bakery was outstanding. Kimberly is friendly, attentive, and genuinely passionate about ensuring Leo Henry’s special day was memorable. She was accommodating to my requests and made the entire process a breeze.

If you're looking to celebrate your furry friend's special occasion, I highly recommend Cosmico’s; their cakes are delicious and beautifully crafted and will make your pet's celebration memorable and extra special!

I am grateful to Kimberly for making Leo Henry’s 10th birthday a memorable one, I will definitely be returning for future celebrations!

Happy barking and purring!

Beef Liver Snackies
Wendy Tschiltsch
Butters and Beanes - Review

Both dogs absolutely love these treats. They even know when we unzip the bag.
Always want more.


I was searching for a keto dog cake and Kimberly custom made the cat cake to look like my dog. It was adorable and he loved eating it.

The best!

Incredible cake for an incredible dog party. Thank you soooo much. We love you

Soft and cute !!

These cookies are so easy to eat for small
Pups! Soft and according to my 3 girls super tasty! Love all
The fun seasonal snacks as well!

Beyond impressed!!

I ordered a cake for my dogs birthday and WOW!!!! I was speechless, the cake looked exactly like my inspo photos and perfectly fit the party theme. The dogs LOVED the cake as well. (it smelled yummy lol) can’t wait to get one next year!

Best treats ever!

I have purchased several dog treats and cakes from Cosmicos and my dogs have loved everything. The birthday cakes I’ve ordered have all been perfect. The design is always amazing and she amazes me every time with every cake she makes. The treats are so good and my dogs love everything from here. I highly recommend and will continue to order treats and cake from here.

Advent Calendar
Melissa S
Amazing Advent Cookie Calendar

I’ll let Arlo’s actions serve as the review. The other night he kept whining and crying and staring at my countertop. I was wondering what was wrong with my dog until I realized he knew the Advent Cookie Calendar was up there! He’s obsessed!!!! I can barely get the cookie out if it’s daily spot before he’s snatching it out of my hands. I also love the beautiful, bright, unique designs on the outside and the adorably decorated cookies on the inside. It’s a fun surprise for the whole family to see. We love it!

Fall Collection Pumpkin Soft Cookies
I absolutely love Cosmicos!

My three dogs love Cosmicos treats! I love that they are free of any chemicals and very simple ingredients. Every bite is made with TLC and magic. Kim really knows her stuff and I can’t help but love her products. If you’re interested in purchasing any products, I highly recommend you do!

Wild Alaskan Salmon
Sophia Hyon
My cars are crazy about their treats!

Every time I take out treats, they go wild! Seriously, they're crazy about them, and the quality is great!

Chicken Breast Snackies
Wendy Tschiltsch
Butters and Beanes - Review

My dogs absolutely LOVE these. They are bite size and crunchy. And they always beg for more!