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The cupcakes were so. perfect and cute and bella loved them!! also the barkuterie board was perfect to share during her birthday party for all the pups


my cat toast goes absolutely nuts for these. 100% recommended!

Funfetti Cake for Hoomans

I ordered the Funfetti cake for my sisters birthday and it was excellent!!!! Pickup was a breeze. Would order again!

Kitties are loving this!

Pebbles and Flynn approved

Both my 80 pound American staffordshire terrier and 35 pound puggle put on their best behaviors for these treats. They are obsessed!

Wild Alaskan Salmon
Jille Brzezinski
Loved by 3 cats and 2 dogs

All my babies go crazy for these salmon treats! I break them up into small pieces and sprinkles them onto their wet food for an added crunch and flavor.

Custom PupCakes
Tracy Gryka
Dukes delicious 12th celebration

I can’t say enough how adorable Dukes 12th Birthday cupcakes turned out! It’s always a great experience ordering from Kim and the outcome is always super cute!

Happy dog, Happy pawrent 😊

My girl 🐶 loves her Cosmicos treats. Whether it’s salmon snackies or combo of Chicken hearts & livers. Plus, I love the bright colors of the package. 🤩

Quail Egg Sprinkles
Sarah Kendall
So glad i found these products

It is so hard to find GOOD treats for cats because everyone only cares about dogs. The treats in stores are not good and I care so much about what I feed my kitties. Now I am even more excited to continue to give them these wonderful treats. Now if only my five could get a job to help fund their new obsessions!

The most perfect mug I’ve ever seen!!!

Loved them! My cat is obsessed with them!

Loved the design but the quality it’s not so good.

My cats love this as well and even wanted seconds!

My cats are loving this product! I am so happy to have found this brand. Thank you!

Pork liver sprinkles
J Rodriguez Silva

I love to give my cat extra vitamins and this pork sprinkles are perfect to mix with her food and she loves it!

Quail Egg Sprinkles
Jenna Estacion
Amazing Products

I got the goat milk sprinkles and the quail egg sprinkles and my kittens love the taste.

Dogs are obsessed!

I bought these from a farmers market and my dogs love a little on their bowl everyday. One dog is on a diet so it’s made it a little easier on him. I’m now going through a jar a week!

Great for the pickiest kitties!

My kitty who ALWAYS wastes my money because she never likes any treats… LOVES THESE! I put two flowers in her kibble bowl every day and they’re consistently missing by midday. I’m so happy there’s something healthy that my Luna Belle enjoys!

Great topper for our pups meals.

What a cute treat!

My little guy loves these!


My pup absolutely goes feral for this 😂 so now I gotta buy more! She also loves the mini flower cookies & beef liver sprinkles. These are so much better than store bought treats which she got tired of so quick. Can’t wait to purchase our next order, we’re going out pretty quick!

First time buyer

I purchased the Salmon sprinkles and the chicken breast flowers with cat grass. My picky girl loved them . I will definitely purchase again in the future. Shipping was fast and the packaging is cute too.


I ordered the Quail egg sprinkles and the chicken cat grass flowers. My cats like both but I do wish the chicken flowers were softer. I love the packaging and will be ordering again soon!! Thank you 💕

Cats Love It

We use it as a food topper and our two Bengals love it. We will definitely stock up on this if we are ever in the Chicago area.