5 Pet-Friendly Venues in Chicago

5 Pet-Friendly Venues in Chicago

It's been another year with your best friend by your side—a buddy who would do anything for you. How should you show gratitude to the best partner in your life? Let’s face it, it’s almost impossible to match the love dogs give us. But a great party might do the trick. After all, they’re so pure that all they want is to be with their special ones. So, here are some pet-friendly venues in Chicago to celebrate with your dog!

Bosly’s Backyard
It may be a difficult task to find the perfect venue to throw your pet a much deserved b-day party. No worries, Bosly’s Backyard is here for you! With its 2400 sq ft indoor dog play space, it’s perfect for your friend to have the best of times on their celebration! It provides access to fresh water, balloons, cleanup, and accident materials. Plus, you can order directly from them your favourite COSMICOS birthday bakery items for dogs: a custom cake, an order of pet friendly cupcakes or even a barkuterie board (which is a fun adaptation of the classic human charcuterie board). We will have your bakery request delivered on time for your pawty!

The Fetch Club
While Chicago is a hip, bustling human scene of culture and fun, dogs might feel overwhelmed. The Fetch Club understands this and has created an enrichment daycare to let dogs be dogs and here, they can also celebrate in the most fun way. The Fetch Club includes a spacious yard that works wonderfully for birthday parties as they try to apply enrichment activities throughout the place. Doggos will love celebrating as they get the opportunity to make some four legged friends that look for fun times too.

Pet Care Plus
Taking care of Chicago dogs and pups since 1998, Pet Care Plus offers a variety of play areas for dogs of all ages, sizes, and temperaments. Their services include dog boarding, daycare, grooming, and, of course, parties. With indoor and outdoor party options, the perfect setting is guaranteed. They even have a heated saltwater pool for a memorable pawty!

Sit Social
The City of Chicago is distinguished by its party atmosphere wherever you go. And doggos are not the exception, Sit Social may be one of the venues you’re looking for, as they offer a Venue that can accommodate either private dog-parties or group meet-ups for dogs. They also host fun events and local meet ups like: Yappy hour, Barkin’ brunch and Barkaoke.

Cody’s Public House
Imagine a retro bar with a modern touch where you can bring your four-legged buddy to enjoy a classic Chicago night? That’s exactly what Cody’s Public House has to offer. Have a nice beer while your friend enjoys a true Chicagoan experience in a local pub. They also offer the possibility of holding b-day pet friendly gatherings. Give them a call and pitch them your idea, your pet will be the best partner for a bar night!

And there you have it! These five venues in Chicago are perfect for hosting the ultimate dog pawty. Check them out—your furry friend deserves a celebration no matter the occasion. And remember, teaming up with Cosmicos for the best dog bakery treats will truly make it a celebration to remember!

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