My name is Kim Padilla, and I’ve created Cosmicos Pet Bakery because I absolutely love animals and making them happy is one of my favorite things to do in this world🙂

I studied culinary arts and then decided to specialize as a Pastry and Baking Chef. As I was already working half-time as a pet sitter it became a great idea to mix both my passions and start to create baked goodies and pastries for dog and cat friendly occasions.

Specially picked ingredients

We love baking for furry friends with specially selected ingredients. Kim's quest for pet-safe goodness results in colorful, fun treats that are safe for both cats and dogs.

Our social commitment

Beyond treats, we’re on a mission.We contribute to certain organizations on special occasions and we donate 5% of our profits from pawties at Bosly’s Backyard to  The Anti-Cruelty Society

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Cosmicos is a latina-owned brand inspired by the colors of the rainbow and the possibility of creating infinite combinations for each personality of every four-legged client that decides to try our delicious handmade products.

  • This brand was founded in 2022 and since then has become such a fun experience for both my human and animal clients.

  • Our vision for the next years is to become a brand that can offer personalized products and perfectly handmade experiences that could never be forgotten.